Cassius Chrome was the very last House Robot to be created, debuting in Series 7 of Robot Wars. He was designed by Rob Englebright (of Killer Carrot 2 fame) to look like a heavyweight boxer, complete with a black eye. The robot was named after the late heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali's former name Cassius Clay.

In March 2016, the BBC confirmed that Cassius Chrome alongside Growler, Mr Psycho, Refbot and Sgt Bash will not return for the 2016 series.

Armament Edit

His main weapons were a large shovel situated underneath his black-eyed head and two "boxing" arms with interchangeable fists, weighing in at over 15kg each. He would either have sharp spikes or boxing glove-esque rams as his fists. The weapons on their own were generally ineffective, but Cassius Chrome was also able to use his speed and pushing power to great effect.

Robot History Edit

Cassius Chrome, like the rest of the House Robots in that series, did not get a televised rundown, presumably to save time for the Special Events now broadcast as part of every heat. Instead, Jonathan Pearce simply noted the new house robot in his debut battle, a World Championship qualifier between Supernova and Mechaniac.

In the battle, Supernova immobilised its Austrian opponent with its spinning disc, also knocking out the back panel. Cassius Chrome utilised this by punching out Mechaniac's now exposed batteries with his fists. This also set fire to the orange robot's internals. This was perhaps the most damage Cassius Chrome inflicted on a competitor.

However things weren't always rosy for the House Robot. In the House Robot Rebellion, Cassius Chrome drove into the pit, forcing Jonathan Pearce to question his intelligence by joking. However, the pit was raised again when Gravity attacked Refbot, and Cassius Chrome was the only House Robot still mobile at the end, after attacking Behemoth for a while.

After Shunt was conquered immediately in the All-Stars special, the four competitors ganged up on Cassius Chrome, pushing and lifting him, but he manage to stay on his wheels. Kat 3 constantly axed Cassius Chrome, knocking off his eye and hitting his internals, which immobilised him.

Cassius Chrome was also attacked by Iron-Awe 2.1 and Hydra during the Axe Attack.

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