Debenham Robot Rumble 2000 was an event from 2000 organised by Eddy and Roy of the Prizephita team. It featured many robots that both qualified and failed to qualify for the main competition. It had two sessions with two different winners, Stinger being the champions of the morning session and Dominator 2 winning the afternoon event.

Competitors Edit

Competition Edit

Morning SessionEdit

Battles Winner
Henry 2 vs Bigger Brother Bigger Brother
Wheely Big Cheese vs Stinger Wheely Big Cheese
Chaos 2 vs Skabs Chaos 2
Suicidal Tendencies vs Steel Avenger Suicidal Tendencies
Inverabrat vs Tornado Tornado
Rambot vs Venom Venom
Dominator 2 vs Toe Cutter Dominator 2
Humphrey vs Chaos 2 Chaos 2
Bigger Brother vs Stinger Unknown
Tornado vs Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies
Venom vs Dominator 2 Dominator 2
Stinger vs Dominator 2 Stinger

Afternoon SessionEdit

Battles Winner
Velocirrippa vs Chaos 2 Chaos 2
Tornado vs Sumpthing Tornado
Humphrey vs Rambot Humphrey
Henry 2 vs Judge Mech Henry 2
Skabs vs Wheely Big Cheese Wheely Big Cheese
Bigger Brother vs Toe Cutter Bigger Brother
Venom vs Dominator 2 Dominator 2
Suicidal Tendencies vs Stinger Unknown
Chaos 2 vs Tornado Chaos 2
Bigger Brother vs Wheely Big Cheese Bigger Brother
Dominator 2 vs Suicidal Tendencies Dominator 2
Dominator 2 vs Bigger Brother Dominator 2


Battles Winner
Ickle Xno vs Anty B Unknown

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