Instigator was a middleweight robot that fought during Seasons 2.0 and 3.0 of BattleBots. It was a four-wheel drive robot armed with a spinning disc. It had no success in BattleBots, losing both of its fights, but it won two consolation rumbles.

A lightweight robot named Instigator competed at the Long Beach 1999 tournament. It was a completely different robot, but it was built by the same person.

Robot History Edit

Season 2.0Edit

Instigator 2.0

In Season 2.0

Instigator's first and only fight was against Subject to Change Without Reason. Subject to Change was too low for Instigator's blade, so it resorted to a pushing and shoving match. Instigator managed to deal slight damage with the blade, but the fight was dominated by Subject to Change, who maneuvered Instigator around the arena and into the hazards. Instigator survived to the end of the fight, but it lost on a 34-11 judge's decision.

Instigator wasn't finished, however, as it participated the middleweight consolation rumble at the end of the tournament. It performed really well as it won overall along with Space Operations Force and both robots advanced to the middleweight royal rumble. Instigator was still moving in the end, but was dominated by robots like SABotage, who managed to lift Instigator into the air. Because of this, Deadblow was declared the winner of the middleweight royal rumble and Instigator lost overall.

Season 3.0Edit

Due to its seeding, Instigator was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 3.0, where it faced Blade Runner. Blade Runner dominated the fight, damaging Instigator's wheels and driving Instigator into the killsaws, dealing major damage to one of the tires. Eventually Instigator stopped working and was counted out. Blade Runner won by KO and Instigator was eliminated from the tournament once again.

Instigator wasn't finished, however, as it participated the middleweight consolation rumble at the end of the tournament. After facing several robots with spinning weapons like Exodus 2001 and Turbo, the time ran out and Instigator was declared the winner of the middleweight consolation rumble along with Alabama Slammer. Instigator returned to participate the middleweight royal rumble, but it lost overall to T-Minus.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 4

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