Killerkat was an robot that fought in the Seventh UK Robot Wars. It was the successor to Black Widow, but was no more successful than it, as it lost in the first round after being tipped over by Jackson Wallop.

Killerkat was an invertible triangular box robot, which Christopher Arnell admitted to it being based on the very successful Pussycat. It was controlled by joy-stick drive electronics and at the front of the robot was a three-foot diameter spinning disc weapon, with chisel heads wielded to the disc for damage.

Killerkat was clad in leopard fur, which the team hoped would ignite for amusement, similar to an ambition of Diotoir's. Also like Diotoir, they handed out good luck fur to the other teams. Killerkat also had a love heart on the side saying "I love Matilda", but, like The Hassocks Hog, who also claimed to have an affection for house robot Matilda, she did not appear in its only battle.

Robot History Edit

Killerkat scored a lucky break when the team learned that 3rd seed Terrorhurtz would not be participating in the first round melee. Instead, it was left to fight only two robots; Gyrobot and Jackson Wallop.

All three robots' weapons sped up to speed, with the robots themselves moving incredibly slowly. Killerkat ran into Jackson Wallop, temporarily stopping both weapons. Then Gyrobot spun into Killerkat, bouncing away, and then Jackson Wallop slammed into Killerkat as well, knocking it off its wheels but not onto its side. Killerkat had then lost mobility slightly, but moved in a circle before receiving another blow from Jackson Wallop. The weapon of Killerkat had now stopped, and the robot's drive motors were showing no signs of life either. Both other robots hammered Killerkat, who revealed it was still moving, albeit quite sluggishly and apparently only on one side. Jackson Wallop hammered Killerkat, almost tipping it on its side and ripping some of the fur, before Gyrobot made another pushing attack. Jackson Wallop tried again and succeeded in tipping Killerkat on its side. Killerkat was pushed onto the flame pit, counted out, and then flipped by the floor flipper, being eliminated from the competition.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 7 Heat B Eliminator (3) Terrorhurtz (withdrew),


Jackson Wallop


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1