Macco was a robot from Seville, Spain that contested the first Bitiva Robotev (Battle of the Robots) competition. It is a two-wheeled, red, wedge shaped robot armed with a flipping weapon. Macco was also quite quick as it could get up to a top speed of 9.3 mph.

Battle of the Robots 2016 (International Event)Edit

Macco represented Spain in the International Event hosted by Battle of the Robots in 2016. Its first battle was against Gladiator from India and Weber from Russia. It immediately targetted Gladiator getting a flip on it before Weber came in and flipped the Indian robot out the arena eliminating it completely, leaving Macco to fight Weber. The two robots circled around each other trying to get their weapons underneath each other. Macco got a flip on Weber, but it didn't go over, Weber then tried to flip Macco but it missed causing it to flip itself over which allowed Macco to come in and flip Weber against the arena wall before it got away. It also played with the already beaten Gladiator. It was flipped by Weber again where this time it showed no signs of being able to self-right. After Weber waited a moment, Macco was thrown onto the screw hazards of the arena and it rolled out.


Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Battle of the Robots 2016 International Event 2016

(Representing Spain)

Round 1 Gladiator (India)

Weber (Russia)