Major damage

Major Damage is a house robot created in 2007. Its design was based on the house robot Mr. Psycho with its hammer and crushing claw arm. Major Damage is known for being almost invincible with only a few robots ever damaging it and being one of the heaviest House Robots ever made, weighing 1000kg. It was built to resemble Mr. Psycho.

Armament Edit

The main weapon is the crushing jaw which can crush and throw robots.It also has a hammer powered by pneumatic system that can easily land powerful blows to the top of a robot and even render robots immobilized. In 2013 the latest upgrade took it to a new level, a flame thrower fitted into its jaw will burn robots into oblivion. However the flame thrower is rarely used and does little to no damage.

Robot History Edit

Major Damage was first introduced in 2007 built by John Findlay. Due to his size and weight, he was first seen in a heavyweight battle and ever since he has always been in heavyweight battles. Unlike the TV show he and even Matilda are aloud to roam the area, this has proven quite controversial in the past as Major Damage has attack mobile robot competitors e.g. Behemoth has been a target for attack a couple of times. Ever since his creation, Major Damage has proven to be a popular figure so much so he has been the poster boy for Roaming Robots/Robot Wars from posters/advertisements or even sponge claws based on the design of Major Damages's claw.

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