Namreko was a heavyweight robot which competed in the first two events of BattleBots. It was a dome-shaped robot armed with a lifting arm which was eventually exchanged for two circular saw blades. It didn't perform well in competition, winning only one fight.

After the Las Vegas 1999 event, It was retired and was replaced by a heavyweight walkerbot named Gammatron which was slightly more successful. Namreko originally competed in the Robot Wars 1995 and 1996 competitions as Namreko 2000/3000 (2000 in 1995 and 3000 in 1996).

Robot HistoryEdit

US Robot Wars 1995 Edit

Namreko 2000 took on Blendo and lost.

US Robot Wars 1996 Edit

Namreko 3000 took on Munch and lost.

Long Beach 1999Edit

File:Namreko3000 LB99.jpg
Namreko 3000's first match was against Punjar. Punjar won by KO and Namreko 3000 was now in the loser's bracket, where it faced frenZy. frenZy won by crowd vote and Namreko 3000 was eliminated from the tournament.
Namreko 3000 wasn't finished, however, as it participated the gigabot rumble at the end of the tournament. In the first half of the match, it got involved a lot early on, and ended up causing damage to Juggernaut with its circular saw, causing it to catch fire and pause the match whilst the copper-induced blaze was put out. Once the match restarted, it then attacked Razer, managing to flip the future Robot Wars Champion over with its lifting arm. However, Razer was able to self-right and retaliated by piercing into Namreko 3000 with its crushing ram, causing it to start venting smoke and eventually break down in the middle of the BattleBox.

Las Vegas 1999Edit

Namreko 3000's first match was against Minotaur. Namreko 3000 won on a uanimous 9-0 judge's decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced the spinning disc of Nightmare.
File:Nightmarevsnamreko lv99.jpg
At the beginning, Nightmare started attacking Namreko 3000 and tears one of the circular saws off. The next two attacks from Nightmare tore large pieces off the front and sides of Namreko 3000's shell, while the second nearly destroyed Namreko's bubble dome. As Nightmare lined up for another shot, the fight was ended. Nightmare won by KO and Namreko 3000 was eliminated from the competition again.
Namreko 3000 wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight rumble at the end of the tournament. With only 30 seconds left, Namreko 3000 was flipped onto its side by BioHazard. After this, the rumble ended and BioHazard was declared the winner of the heavyweight rumble.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 5

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