Not to be confused with the Battlebots middleweight competitor Short Circuit (US)


Short Circuit was a robot that appeared in Series 6 of Robot Wars. It was shaped like a hexagon with a small spinning disc and a large ramming spike with an aluminium plated solid bolted frame. The robot suffered from thin armour and a 3cm ground clearance. Short Circuit was originally designed for Series 2, but the robot took years to complete. It first entered Series 5, but failed to qualify, despite beating Atomic in the qualifiers. It was armed with a chainsaw for Series 5, but this was removed prior to Series 6.

Short Circuit lost its only televised fight, being ripped apart by Supernova.

Robot History Edit

Newcomers Short Circuit came up against three experienced teams; Tiberius 3, Team Trinity's Supernova and the 10th seeds Spawn Again from Team Scutterbots. Short Circuit was targeted by Supernova from the start of the eliminator battle. After one hit from Supernova, its disc fell out of place, rendering it useless. Supernova continued the onslaught, rattling Short Circuit's insides. Short Circuit had stopped moving, so Refbot began counting it out. Supernova dealt Short Circuit one last blow as it was counted out, ripping apart its shell, causing the base plate come loose. Sergeant Bash pushed Short Circuit into the pit, where it was soon joined by Tiberius 3.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 5

Qualifier N/A Atomic Won
UK Robot Wars

Series 6

Heat J Eliminator (10) Spawn Again,


Tiberius 3


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0 (+1 from qualifiers)
  • Losses: 1

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