Terrorpin, nicknamed Shelly by the team, was a one-time competitor in the third season of Robot Wars. It was a large four-wheel driven green dome, with a small pneumatic ram with a spiked tip, shaped like the head of a tortoise. The outer shell could be raised and lowered to prevent robots from easily getting underneath it. This unique design got it a nomination for Best Design, but it missed out to Razer.

Amongst Terrorpin's internal components was a whoopie cushion, which could produce a strange series of noises which were heard before its second round battle against Invertabrat, having previously beaten Vercingetorix. A virtually unchanged Terrorpin also failed to qualify for Series 4 under unknown circumstances, and did not return after that.

Robot History Edit

Both robots dodged each other at the start of the fight, until Vercingetorix got under Terrorpin. Sergeant Bash helped Terrorpin off. Terrorpin's weapon was too high to have any effect, and it drove into Matilda's CPZ and was attacked. Terrorpin then pushed Vercingetorix into Shunt's CPZ, whose axe had no effect. Terrorpin then pushed Vercingetorix into the pit before driving in itself.

In the second round, Invertabrat could not use its flipper because Terrorpin had no ground clearance. The robots became stuck together, and had to be separated by the house robots. Terrorpin raised its shell and escaped after Invertabrat got under it. Invertabrat then became trapped in Dead Metal's CPZ. Dead Metal attacked it with its circular saw before reversing into the pit. The robots drove until the judges' decision, which was in favour of Invertabrat.

At the end of the series, Terrorpin was nominated for the Best Design Award, but lost out to the previous year's winner, Razer.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 3

Heat K Eliminator Vercingetorix Won
Semi-Final Invertabrat Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1