The brute

The Brute was a competitor robot in both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It was a simple box-shaped robot with four large outer wheels, a set of lifting spikes at the front and a large ramming spike at the back. For the second season, it was known simply as Brute and the lifting spikes were replaced by a 1000RPM spinning drum.

The Brute reached the semi-finals of the US Championship in Season 1, but was eliminated in the second round of its heat in Season 2 after driving itself into the Pit by accident. It did make up for it by finishing as the Runner-Up (After Cyclone) in the US Annihilator for that season, however.

Robot History Edit

Season 1Edit


The Brute's sole appearance was in the US Championship. It showed immense power as it smashed into 6 Million Dollar Mouse and later Falcon. It shoved Falcon into Shunt's CPZ, but not much more of The Brute was shown in the battle, other than it and Red Virus having a vicious tussle. When Refbot ended the battle, the judges voted for The Brute unanimously, as Falcon and Shuriken had broken down, and the remaining three had all taken noticeable damage.

In the battle against The Revolutionist, it did not take long for The Revolutionist to shred The Brute's tires and render it immobile. Sergeant Bash then carried it across the arena and Matilda pushed it in the pit.

Having made it to the semi-finals, The Brute was scheduled to be in the World Championship. However, due to the damage caused by The Revolutionist, it was forced to pull out and was replaced by Drillzilla.

Season 2Edit

Brute started with a match against Conquering Clown 2 and Sir Force A Lot. Whilst Brute stayed out of the action at the start of the match, the Clown hit Sir Force A Lot, causing a bit of damage. Sir Force A Lot pushed the Clown back, before Brute got involved, ramming both opponents. Brute pressed the pit button, but wasn't involved much, as Conquering Clown and Force A Lot attacked each other for most of the battle. This battle went to the judges, who decided to eliminate Sir Force A Lot. In Round 2, Brute was up against Unibite 2.0. Brute shoved Unibite at the start, before disabling its large disc. Brute then continued pushing Unibite, only to drive into the pit.

Brute also competed in the Annihilator and was able to survive to the final round against Cyclone, but broke down and was eventually pitted.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robot Wars Extreme Warriors

Season 1

US Championship Heat $6 Million Mouse

Medusa Oblongata



Red Virus

Semi-Final The Revolutionist Lost
Robot Wars Extreme Warriors

Season 2

US Championship

Heat C

Eliminator Conquering Clown 2

Sir Force A Lot

Semi-Final Unibite 2.0 Lost
Annihilator 1 Cyclone



The Termite

Thor's Hammer

2 Cyclone



The Termite

3 Cyclone


The Termite

4 Cyclone


Final Cyclone Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 3

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