Thorgrim was a German robot that competed in the first and only German Robot Wars. Thorgrim was named after a mythical beast, and was also covered in decorative thorns and fur. It lost in the first round of the only German Wars to eventual third and fourth place finishers Son of Armageddon and Tyke.

Robot History Edit

Thorgrim never moved under its own power in its only battle against Son of Armageddon and Tyke, who also was immobile for nearly all of the battle and barely moved an inch . At the beginning of the fight, Son of Armageddon lifted and almost toppled Thorgrim, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Thorgrim was then shoved into the pit release, and left for the Refbot to count out. Thorgrim was almost granted a place in the second round by sheer luck; however Son of Armageddon pitted Tyke marginally after the count was finished, meaning that Thorgrim had been eliminated. Thorgrim was then set upon by the house robots, especially Matilda who tore large sections of armour off Thorgrim. The judges decided that, despite neither Tyke nor Thorgrim being mobile at any point in the battle, Thorgrim had been eliminated first and so was out of the German Championships.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

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