Ultor was a green and white dome-wedge shaped robot that fought exclusively in Series 3. It featured a galvanised aluminium and steel chassis with a fibreglass top and featured two weapons - a piercing spiked axe and a rear lifter, a weapon combination later used by The Steel Avenger. "Ultor" is the Latin word for "Avenger".

Ultor reached the Heat Final after defeating Flipper and Bumblebot. The judges then ruled in favour of it in the Heat Final against Big Brother, but, in a momentous turn of events, the Ultor team approached the Big Brother team, giving up their place to them, believing that the other robot deserved the Semi-final place more. This selfless act gained Ultor a nomination for the Sportsmanship award, but it missed out to Diotoir.

As a result of its post-battle forfeit, and not returning to Robot Wars ever again, Ultor is one of the very few robots never to have lost a battle.

Robot History Edit

Ultor's first match was against Flipper. Both robots tried to get in position to use their axe on the other, and it was Ultor who managed to get the first successful strike. It didn't penetrate Flipper's shell, but it was enough; Flipper had been rendered immobile before soon being set upon and turned over by the House Robots. Ultor however, attacked Matilda, but was flipped by the arena spike that hid beneath the floor and struck.

In the next fight, Ultor would face Bumblebot. It got underneath Bumblebot, and attacked it with its axe. Bumblebot tried to retaliate with its very long axe, but missed. Ultor pushed Bumblebot into the CPZ where Dead Metal sliced off its axe. Ultor pushed the now weaponless Bumblebot into Sir Killalot, who finished it off by pushing it into the pit.

In the Heat Final, Ultor's opponent was Big Brother. Its axe got tangled up with Big Brother's flail, and Ultor tried to pull Big Brother over, but couldn't. Big Brother pushed Ultor around the arena, hitting it with its flail until it fell off. Big Brother then got underneath Ultor and nearly flipped it, but Ultor got away, and retaliated with its axe. Ultor was nearly flipped again when it drove onto the arena spike, but it survived, and the match came down to a judges' decision, which was in favour of Ultor. However, the Golders felt that the decision was wrong, so they conceded the match, and their place in the Semi-finals, to Big Brother.

This act earned Ultor a nomination for the Sportsmanship Award. However, it lost out to Diotoir.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 3

Heat D Eliminator Flipper Won
Semi-Final Bumblebot Won
Final Big Brother Won

(later forfeited)

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 0