aka Michael Taylor

  • I live in Richmond, Virginia
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is Student, (Area of study: Web Design)
  • I am Male
  • Okamifan1

    While incredibly active in FIRST there is no active Robot Combat scene in Benin.

    Status: Non-Existant

    As the second largest economy in Africa, even surpassing South Africa which has Robot Combat history you would expect Egypt to have the right climate for Robot Combat, however only one robot (COPRA) has ever emerged from the country, and it never even competed.

    Egypt's scene is dormant, possibly extinct.

    While incredibly active in Robotic Football there is no active Robot Combat scene in Ethiopia.

    Status: Non-Existant

    Not much is known about Gambia's Robot Combat scene other than that it is school based. It's existence was first known in the west in 2017 after some Gambian Roboteers had issues getting Visas to compete in the US.

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  • Okamifan1

    What the hell did those bloody idiots up at Fandom HQ smoke when they thought that the new navigation, and UI layout was a good idea? Bloody idiots are dumber than Kim Kardashian, and any Darwin Award winner combined. It is a mess, and honestly makes navigating a pain in the arse.


    Good job you screwed up a perfectly well designed, well oiled website, screwing up not only this wiki, but many larger ones as well. up yours, rant over, have a damn dunce cap.

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  • Okamifan1

    I'm doing writeups for the RoboGames 2017 competitors. I will post whats finished here as links when I finish the writeups of the robots 2017 performances.

    • Foxic
    • Troublemaker - Also competed in BotBash
    • Death by Monkeys - Competed in multiple other events
    • Demoralizer
    • The Deliverer
    • Team Migos
    • Anti matter
    • Lucifer (Pakistan)
    • Sluggo
    • Plasma (Heavyweight)
    • SyntaxError();
    • Tremor (Canada)
    • V for Victory
    • Deathrow

    • UnMakerBot
    • Sabre-X
    • Stewart
    • Frankinbot
    • Boris Badenov
    • Unlicensed Disentigration
    • Kanye's License of Sallys Mustang of Unlicensed Disentigration
    • Houston
    • Crash n' Burn
    • Whiplash
    • Cavalier
    • Deviled Egg
    • Carolina Campos morena zoios de jabuticaba linda e sensual (No English Translation sorry)
    • Asterion
    • Herr Gepoünden
    • Doom on you!
    • Tastes Like Burning
    • HexaDecimator
    • T-800
    • Apolkalipse
    • Whoops! …

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