Venom was a robot that failed to qualify for Series 4. Entered by the Scouts Association, it was a green, two-wheeled, wedge shaped robot with a powerful pneumatic flipper, with artwork on a reptile theme. Unlike most robots, the robot had plywood for armour instead of metal and lacked a full baseplate.

Venom fought The Morgue in the Series 4 qualifiers. It started well, flipping The Morgue a couple of times, but broke down after being rammed by The Morgue. The Morgue rammed again, puncturing one of Venom’s tires and immobilising them completely, before pushing Venom down the Pit with the help of Shunt.

Robot History Edit

In its first battle, Venom fought Rambot. Not much detail is known other than Venom flipping Rambot around, it's unknown who won.

It later fought Dominator 2. Venom lost the match, at one point over turning itself and being axed on the open underbelly by Dominator. It self rights but is soon knocked out by Dominator's axe again.

Its third fight was once again up against Dominator 2. Venom manages to chuck Dominator over this time round but it wasn't long before Dominator gave Venom the axe again, once again losing.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0 (?)
  • Losses: 2

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