White Knight

White Knight is a wedge shaped robot with a flipping arm, it was originally built by Team Iron-Awe who named it Iron-Awe 3. It also became a role model for the later incarnations of Iron-Awe that followed after the bad luck they had with their previous robots. Iron-Awe 3 had a good success finishing 2nd in the 2006 Winter Tour and winning the 2007 Robot Rumble in Colchester. In 2007, Team Iron-Awe sold Iron-Awe 3 to Team Wind-Power to make money so they could build Iron-Awe 5. After that it had been repainted black and named "L" for a brief period of time due to the driver Erik Martens only learning how to drive the robot. After Martens had got the driving of L under his belt, he then renamed it to White Knight and the robot became what it is today.


2009 UK ChampionshipsEdit

White Knight fought its first UK Championship under its new name in 2009 where it took on the teams own Pressure in the first round at Barnsley where both robots flipped each other around the arena. The fight ended in a judges decision which went to White Knight, but this was White Knights only fight meaning it didn't score enough points to go through to the finals at Wigan at the end of the year.

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